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    Grain fermentation Spray granulation
    Contains: N-P-K-S-Mg-Ca-Fe-Mn-Zn-Mo-B etc....

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    ​Soil improvement is not a short-term matter, it is a systematic project, and the mos...

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New Power Eco-Agriculture

New Power Eco-Agriculture

Shandong New Power Eco-Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating commerce and production focusing on the management of compound fertilizer raw materials. It is mainly engaged in amino acid fertilizer, organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, soil conditioner, liquid fertilizer, and trace element fertilizer. , Sodium bicarbonate, trehalose, xanthan gum, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, granular ammonium chloride, granular ammonium sulfate, sodium sulfate (sulphate powder), humic acid and other various fertilizers and compound fertilizer raw materials sales and operation, Dedicated to provide high-quality raw materials for compound fertilizer manufacturers. The company always grasps the direction and trend of agricultural development, and unswervingly provides strong support for the development of the planting industry toward industrialization and modernization!



Each granule is rich in nutrients, 15 different amino acids, and a variety of trace elements. Suitable for crops, cash crops, fruits, flowers, lawns, etc. The application of organic fertilizer can increase crop yield and improve root development. 

The product has mellow and full particles, coffee flavor, easy to use, mechanical spraying, reducing dust. Can be used as base fertilizer and topdressing. The specific method of use should be appropriately adjusted according to the local soil and climatic conditions. 

Benefits to the soil:                                                Improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil Help the soil retain water and fertilizer.      Benefits to plants:                                                  Help plants absorb moisture and nutrients from the soil

Improve plant resistance to diseases and insect pests. 

China’s Leading Green Organic Fertilizer Company

400,000 tons of fertilizer annual sales
Fast & safe delivery
20 years professional experience
Supply as your Own-brand fertilizer

Most friendly  products For Nature and agriculture

Plant origin organic fertilizer
Free of heavy metal & Antibiotic
Derived from plants, and returned to plants finally.

A product unique to China

Organic fermentation
Spray to uniform granulation
High organic nitrogen
Rich in natural amino acids